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Friday, 30-Jan-2009 04:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 30th Birthday!

Timing to get up and down the hill
Alesya, Me and cheeky Aisy
Alesya n pakcik(Aspa's younger brother)
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Oh no he's already 30!!
So next time ppl ask how old is my husband, my answer will be "30ish"...yes he is old indeed..

For this year, we celebrated Aspa's birthday at Bukit Fraser. Though during the CNY holiday, we celebrated with some of our friends at Khalil's.Celebration for January babies (Aspa, Azmi, Nazi and Nuo(though he was not able to come)). .Albad also was there and also(virtually) finas, nata and cutie mimin.. Oh not to forget Atung, Zara and their little boy Alex (not virtual laa)

Ok back to our Bukit Frase story...seriously tade benda nak buat kat Bukit fraser.We were thinking to go for horse riding, but turned out the place was under construction.The same goes for archery and also the boating.We can even see some of the boats sank
Even tempat makan pun hanya ada 1 and of course there's a few expensive restaurant at some of the resorts/inn.
The food court was also under construction.
It was really bad timing.Luckily we just spent a night there. Perhaps to those who like to jungle trek this is the best place to go since they have loads of trails to be explored with nice view.

The only place that is accessible and 'interesting' was the ...playground...haha(Duh..playground tu kat belakang umah Opah pun ada) But hey this playground is so big they even have track where you can cycle or rollerblade on it(saw anak cine mana tah main rollerblade kat situ).
So in this entry you can see loads of pics of Aisy and Alesya at the playground.

Anyway, the constructions will be completed by May or June this year.So if you have the intention to go,better go around that time le..and hopefully by the that time the place of interests sume da siap..

Aspa's younger sisters made lovely cupcakes for Aspa. They actually sell them and have a few customers now.The cake was fantastic and the icing was great plus it was not too sweet like some other cupcakes out there.Even Aspa yg tak minat cupcakes pun suka and he ate most of them...

So this is the cupcake (Well of course you can see the wording Happy Birthday Abang since they were made by his sisters teehee)

And this is my fav pic

and this also

Well Aspa dream is to bring Aisy along whenever he goes for his outdoor activities and I always say "she can follow you once she is able to depend on herself".Demented gak thinking to bring budak kici kat tgh2 hutan.Isk2.
So below is a brief intro session to wall climbing.Hoping that Aisy will learn how to wall climb and be passionate about it later in life(ikut jejak abah la konon2).

And this is me with Alesya

Anyway I hope Aspa enjoyed the short trip.Perhaps next year we can go elsewhere.Maybe a bit further...say.......Ireland?
(Ni kes tgk cite PS I love you le.Masa baca buku tu tade pule teringin nak pi...well perhaps seeing is believing..heh)

Dream oonnnn
Hehe it's good to dream....

Happy birthday by.May all your dream will become reality insyallah.

Thursday, 29-Jan-2009 03:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Awal Muharram 1430

Aku lupa aku belum list down my new year resolution.

So last year's resolution is as below:
1. to love my family more especially Aspa and Aisy. on going
2. to have more money!(duh what else) not done hee
3. to read more books(regardless fiction or non fiction) on going
4. to have another baby (hehe) done.Alhamdullillah Alesya was born in July 2008
5. to exclusively breastfeed my second child (determine determine) Alhamdullilah ongoing
5. to have a vacation so that i can have another country chop in my passport(tapi kena fikir juga bila kalau plan nak dpt baby ni ..hmm) not done
6. to be a better muslimah and perform better in all my ibadah on going
7. to be able to give more to others and appreciate family and good friends more and build a stronger relationship with these people.(should visit and get together more often la) on going

So my 1430 resolution is to :
1. Again have more money
2. to spend more time with Aisy (I spend more time with Alesya since I am fully breastfeed her.So most of the time melekat ngan Alesya je)
3. to buy our own house
4. renovate the house and furnish it
5. Again to have a vacation so that I can have another country chop in my passport
6. to settle my personal loan and credit card debt(tinggal 1 jeeee agi.Come on Asyie!)
7. paksa Aspa ambil masters..haha this is actually my main goal this year.Degilnyaaa Aspa ni iskkk.
8. get another smaller car as our office car
9. to spend less and to save more.
10. to train Aisy not to poo poo in her seluar(she can now shishi in the toilet) and to fully clothdiapered Alesya(now mlm still pakai pampers sbb baru ada 10 CDs)
10. last but not least to be able to breastfeed Alesya until she is 2 years old

Tu je kot for now

May my wish will come true insyallah

Monday, 12-Jan-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Breastfeeding story

Bag pump(Beg spectra though now i'm using Medela)
The inside of my bag
The pump i need to sell off before getting a new one
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Alhamdullilah 12/1/09 ni cukup 6 bulan I breastfeed Alesya.Exclusively..
Sekarang sudah start solid on her....well actually I started giving her solid when she was 5mos and 2 weeks.

Big thanks especially to Aspa for being a supportive husband all this while.Though sometimes when it is very difficult to stay in course(dan kekadang tu sakit ati juge ngan Aspa ni..nak je aku suh die yg breasfeed Alesya..haha) but thanks to his nagging and constant support, keeps me determine to exclusively breastfeed Alesya.
And also to my friends Spiker(yanie) and Erin for giving great advice on breastfeeding.Thanks’re the best.
And also I really appreciate the online info that can be found easily and very2 informative especially

Heh cam ucapan Grammy Award pule…hehe.But hey, I think it’s by far my best achievement in life for being able to exclusively breastfeed Alesya despite all the challenges and hardship.
I think all the breastfeed mum would agree with this.It’s not easy to exclusively breastfeed (but it’s not impossible ) while you are a 9-5 working mum and having another child who barely depends on herself.

The biggest mistake I made in this journey is actually I didn’t make any stock during my confinement.Konon cam susu akan ada le all the time le though actually kalau nak compare with other mums, my milk supply is not that much.But enough for my Aleysa.. well that’s the most important thing pun. And at times, there will be low supply of milk.Actually benda ni biasa berlaku cume I didn’t have enough knowledge and didn’t prepare for that..heh.
So just to make sure that Alesya gets enough supply for the next day, at times I will get up at nights 3-4 times. In the office, I need to find time for pumping session 2-3 times daily.Mmg terkejar2 with the works and everything but somehow I manage.

What I can see the difference between Aisy (formula baby) and Alesya (breastfed baby) is actually their behaviour.Alesya appears to be more calm and a happy and content baby. Aisy pule dulu masa kici2 she was very cranky and selalu menangis je and very difficult to handle.And alhamdullilah so far, Alesya jarang sakit.I think in this 6 months die hanya 2 kali selsema and batuk(tu pun recover cepat) and also 2 times je kot demam.But Aisy, I can remember we had to see the doctors almost every week.Be it diarrhea, flu, cough, bronchitis, demam I think most of the time due to the flu, cough and diarrhea.Though awal2 dulu aku ingat Alesya pun diarrhea padahal mmg breastfed baby akan poo poo more often than formulafed baby
And with Alesya, I am very close and I can feel the bond between us.I can always feel Alesya needs me all the time(not sure le die need me or need the nenens haha). But with Aisy, dulu2 if I am not around pun tape..she is better off without me and she is closed to my mum(her opah) than me.That is very sad, but to tell you the truth I think I really learn how to handle a baby when I got Alesya. Pernah juga doctor tanya aku something and die hairan aku tatau apa2 mcm le aku baru dpt 1st baby..haha padahal da 2 anak.Sampai mcm tu sekali kan?Heh

Hey I know it’s not good to compare our children but I just wanna tell the significant difference between breastfed baby and formulafed baby so that I can remember them when I become older and senile and browsing back all the entries in this fotopage can remind me of this wonderful experience...

Tak payah le aku cite ape kesusahan yg lain sbb I dun want to read again the hardship I had to endure for this past 6 months.Just wanna tell the happy2 things…kan

By the way, nasib baik I still simpan my breastpump even lepas tak berjaya fully breastfeed Aisy dulu. I can still remember the nagging from Aspa(mostly because membazir sbb tak guna pun the pump since we spent so much on the pump plus the extra accessories which I think now not that important pun heh..biasa le semangat terlebih). I kept everything even the kotak pun still ada haha and hoped that I could exclusively breastfeed my next child and fully utilized the pump.Alhamdullilah, berjaya this time round nyeh nyeh.
By the way, my first pump was Spectra 3.

So, bila da berjaya breasfeed, I persuade Aspa to purchase another pump which is lighter, more mobile and battery operated since I commute to the office by komuter and also LRT which at that point of time was not convenient to kendong the 1.5kg spectra everyday la kan!!
So after lengthy explanation and constant persuasion, I got my second pump Medela Swing(nasib baik le time tu pun ada I had to sell off the Spectra 3 before I can get a new one hee nasib baik simpan agi kotak pam tu)

So I am happy with the pump until now.But..heh ada but agi ni..I am thinking of getting a double pump so that I can reduce my pumping time. So tgh eyeing Ameda (sbb still within budget..wishing for Medela Freestyle but way expensive and really out of our budget..)
So dunno le how I can convince Aspa so that die bagi aku beli yg lain…heh
Has to go the same process again le(dem I should have jot down the ayat2 that made Aspa agree to allow me to change the current pump..haha)

Tgk la kalau berjaya, then you will see my next entry with my new pump, Ameda

Beg ni le yg I bawa everyday to my office.Yg kici tu the cooler bag.I didn't change to Medela bag since I find that this bag is very practical, easy to clean, good material and most importantly not to waste extra money to purchase another bag

Well this is the inside of my bag.See ada 2 compartment so yg the smaller compartment tu I can still put my Medela swing (which is wrapped in Medela carry bag) and the bigger compartment is for my cooler bag and the bottles.Inside the cooler bag is the Techni Ice.

Sebenarnye sedey juge masa nak letgo Spectra3.Tu sbb I amik gambar utk disimpan(sentimental juge aku ni... )

And this is my current pump, Medela Swing.Mmg best tapi...tu le it's better if it can do double pumping but unfortunately Medela Swing is only for single pumping...

Tuesday, 30-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selling off to get a new one

More than you think
Before assemble
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Recently we bought a new stroller for Alesya(well I think Aisy yg akan selalu guna pun ) sbb our Graco's canopy patah. Sebenarnya da patah 2 kali.1st time patah still boleh baiki, but the second time kami malas nak baiki sbb major gak la and I don't think it can be fixed hehe.We really2 love the Graco though it was a second hand item but it was still in good condition at the time we purchased it.
Graco EDT by far the lightest stroller we ever saw and easy to maneuver but we didn't buy the same Graco for our next stroller since the brand new EDT was kinda expensive.

We bought Zooper Twist. In US (from what I read le) ramai yg pakai ni rather than Maclaren.From what they said, by far this is the stroller that matches Maclaren specs but with extra feature which is the extended canopy. I am not sure betul ke mcm Maclaren tapi bile da beli(I purchased this online) rase mcm berat pule.I never tried a Maclaren before so I can't argue. But easy to maneuver and I really love the extended canopy which is actually called napper canopy. We bought the Wheat color sbb the color was so soft though there's some pinky element in it(Aspa argue juge le sbb die kate nanti kalau dpt baby boy later2 tak ke mcm tak best ) tapi akhirnya Aspa agree juge

By the way, we managed to sell our Graco.Ada juge yg nak beli though the canopy da patah.Guess Graco EDT mmg ada yg cari kot because of the features
Sedey gak masa nak letgo (ceh sentimental btul).

Monday, 8-Dec-2008 03:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aqiqah Alesya

Aisy n pakcik
We went back to Aspa's hometown for Alesya's aqiqah during the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration.
Stayed there for 4 days.
Nothing much just some pics of Aisy and Alesya

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